Number One Mattresses
Number One Mattresses

What is best, number one mattress is very subjective to say. Choosing the right mattress is different from person to person.

Mattresses come in different materials like memory foam, coils, latex, pillow toppers from different materials.

Hybrids that are made from a few materials mixed and adjustable ones that have textile materials in combination with some mechanical materials that are used in beds made for medical use and different medical conditions.

The firmness of the mattress can go from cloudy soft to the firm ones on a scale from one to ten, somewhere around eight to ten that is most firm of them all.

Number One Mattresses

Number one mattress for side sleepers

If you sleep on the side, there is a chance that you change position often during the night. A lot of times, side sleepers rotate from both legs straight to bent one or both legs.

Side sleepers need a mattress for sleep that is soft to medium firmness that is on a scale to ten somewhere between three to six.

Soft mattress with quality support that will relieve pressure on neck and back.

The firmness of the mattress and personal feel is essential for side sleepers because they need a mattress that is soft enough to contour body curves in the right way.

Firm mattresses will not contour body shape in the right direction and a lack of support will result in neck and back pain and pain in hands, legs and more types of pain.

Number one mattress for back sleepers

Firm and supportive mattress is significant for back sleepers. Too-soft mattresses will do pressure on the sleeper and will not provide the right amount of support and contour on the body.

The spinal alignment will be off if the mattress is not producing quality support, and that will make prolonged back problems.

Ideal mattress firmness is the one that offers enough softness that will eliminate pressure on the body but the body will still get great support and contour.

Number one mattress for stomach sleepers

Support is the number one factor when picking up the mattress for stomach sleepers. Torso applies more pressure to the mattress when the sleeper is on the stomach.

Stomach sleepers need a mattress that provides equal support across the whole surface. If the middle part of the mattress sinks, the sleeper will have spine curving and lower back pain and other problems that will happen if the mattress is too soft.

The stomach sleeper needs to be in a flat position as much as it is possible. A tall pillow can put the body out of alignment and cause problems, pain, and discomfort that will wake the sleeper up very often.

Stomach sleepers need five to seven firmness mattress level on the scale.

Number One Mattresses

Best mattress depending on weight

Weight is one of the crucial factors when buying a mattress. Sinking, feel, cooling and support of the body, as well as contour, are profoundly affected by the weight of the body and body type.

If you follow the body proportions, weight and body type, you can need specific mattress type, firmness, and material that will support your body in the best way and give you the best feel for the perfect sleeping experience.

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Light sleeper – 70 kilograms or less and firmness at 5-7 level

Light sleepers don’t sink into the mattress as well as heavier ones. Denser top layers are not as much as comfortable for the light sleepers as they are for others.

Light sleepers will find universal comfort mattresses a great fit. A mattress that is 0.5 to 1 firmness point will fit their needs. Most medium firmness mattresses are rated on a base of the average light sleepers that are around 70 kilograms.

Heavier sleeper – 70 to 90 kilograms or less and firmness at 5-7 level

Heavier sleepers put a lot more pressure on the mattress, and they sink in bed, so they need extra support in bed. The comfort layer needs to be thicker, at least around 10 centimeters.

This thickness will ensure consistent support and comfort for the heavier sleeper’s body size. If you have special cooling needs and you need extra edge bed support loo,k for innerspring or coil on coil mattress types.

If you are focusing on just the material from which one mattress is made of look for one that will give your body the best contouring and body shape support.

The best mattress is very subjective, and that is impossible to name just one mattress on the market to fulfill all the wishes from all the sleepers. Look for one that will fit to all your needs and all your preferences.

Look for one that suits you with textile material, size, firmness; and the one that is perfect for your body size and the type and your medical needs if you have some issues that you need to be fully filled.

A mattress should have a lifetime of eight years or more depend on hi,s quality and preferences. A quality mattress will make you rested in the morning; you will sleep through the night and feel good and you will not, change a lot of positions through the night.

With a good mattress, you will not feel neck and back pain in the morning or headache.

Do your homework and learn all about mattresses, and you will find the right fit in the end that will give your body the right amount of support.

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Buy one that will fit all your needs and make your bedroom your number nine cloud with the number one mattress!

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