Inofia Sleeping 8 inch Hybrid Comfort Euro Top Innerspring Mattress
Inofia Sleeping 8 inch Hybrid Comfort Euro Top Innerspring Mattress

Delivering cooling comfort and focused pressure relief, Infoia sleeping eight Inch Hybrid Eurotop innerspring mattress specs a creative hybrid design supported by an ergonomic high-density base.

Features Inofia Sleeping Hybrid Comfort Euro Top Innerspring Mattress

A moisture-wicking twin knit surface layer manages body temperature, while responsive memory foam delivered focused relief to aching force points and attracts the right alignment of the spine.

Inofia Sleeping 8 inch Hybrid Comfort Euro Top Innerspring Mattress


  • High-density innerspring coil base
  • 3D Knit by
  • CertiPur certified memory foam


  • An affordable mattress choice matched to other brands with similar specs
  • Stops an overheated sensation with the support of breathable fabric cover, an airflow foam layer, and twin cool technology fiber that wicks away warmth and moisture.
  • Comes with a hundred night-free trials with pick-up arrangement if you plan to return the mattress within the trial period


  • There are some issues that this mattress is too bouncy

Dual technology fiber

On the peak of the innerspring individually encased coils is a layer with twin-cool technology fiber, which works to manage temperature, so the warm is dissipated away from the interior of the mattress so it will bring relaxation to your body.

This layer is also furnished with a silver enhancement that wicks away moisture and heat to save the bed from the buildup of mold, bacteria, and mildew.

The silver enhancement also works to keep the dirty smell away so that you can enjoy your excellent smell mattress for a longer time.

Comfort foam

Along with the air chillwave foam, this comfort feels foam layer also works to keep the airflow generously throughout the mattress interior.

This contributes to the full relaxation and chill sensation whenever you use this mattress, mainly if you sleep on it for hours at a time.

Regardless of the place that you favor when sleeping, you can love sleep that is uninterrupted by night sweats.

Breathable fabric cover

The fabric cover provides improved relaxation through its breathable spec.

This makes sure that air is permitted to pass freely on the peak layer of this mattress, so any heat that comes out of your body is fast dissipated and not retained in the mattress itself.

Material & construction

This eight-inch mattress is CertiPur US-certified and produced without using flame retardants, TCPP, PBDEs, mercury, formaldehyde, ozone depletes, and has a low VOC.

The base layer is produced by an underlying foam layer, which is followed by the thickness of the freely wrapped coil springs that provide unbeatable stability and support.

This layer is protected by non-woven fabric that also contributes to the noiseless mattress operation.

Conclusion Inofia Sleeping Hybrid Comfort Innerspring Mattress

Inofia Sleeping eight-inch hybrid Eurotop mattress incorporates a 3D knit memory foal area layer and top density innerspring coils to provide focused relief to aching force points, promote proper alignment of the spine, and regulate temperature.

In addition to the relaxation of this unique hybrid design, the mattress arrives solidly sealed, and vacuum compressed, ready to unpack and assemble right out of the box.

Among reviewers, this mattress gets 5-star ratings for its simple unboxing and assembly, cost-friendly price point and balanced support.