RMS Ultra Soft Incontinence Bed pads – Super-comfy and supportive
RMS Ultra Soft Incontinence Bed pads

Securing your sleeping pad, bed, lift seat, a couch from recoloring and moisture, the RMS ultra-soft reusable and washable incontinence bed pads included with unique four-layer water resistance insurance that keeps your sheets dry all through the night.

Features RMS Ultra Soft Incontinence Bed pads

RMS Ultra Soft Underpad is machine washable and reusable.

It’s a perfect answer for those with pets, kids or any incontinence needs.

Fancy poly cotton and high quality brushed polyester stitched perfectly – gives the delicate and agreeable feel and wicks away the dampness to viably limit skin annoyance.

RMS Ultra Soft Incontinence Bed pads – Super-comfy and supportive

4-layer of Water-resistant Protection

Premium brushed polyester quilted top and deluxe poly-cotton provide the super soft and comfortable touch and wick the urine and moisture to minimize skin disturbance efficiently.

Soft and smooth polyester fiber layer gives additional softness as well as a cushion for more refreshing and comfortable night sleep.

The absorbent inner layer provides strong absorbency and retention.

The latex-free water-resistant barrier makes sure no leak water staining to your furniture or bed.

Reusable and Washable Incontinence Pad

Shielding your mattress, sofa, bed, lift chair from staining and moisture, this RMS ultra-soft washable incontinence pad features four layers of water-resistant protection that keeps your sheets dry full night long.

It’s machine washable and can be used many times.

It is a perfect option for all those who are looking for toddlers, kids, pets, or any incontinence needs.

Best Features

  • It provides 100 percent water-resistance and comfort, keeping your bedsheet dry all through the night.
  • Feature four layers of protection that are made of soft polyester fiberfill layer, deluxe poly cotton, premium brushed polyester quilted top, anti-slip, and latex-free water-resistant barrier, an absorbent layer.
  • The liquid absorbs rapidly and locks in moisture to keep the skin well.
  • It goes over the bottom bed sheet to protect memory foam mattresses and leaves from getting stains and wet.
  • This toddler and adult RMS Ultra Soft pad cannot only be utilized for elders but also for kids and pets to protect the fabric of the mattress getting wet and protects their skin.


  • Made with breathable and ultra-soft materials
  • Anti-slip backing
  • Water-resistant
  • Absorb moisture rapidly


  • Bulky
  • Size is inadequate

Final words

Overall RMS Ultra Soft Incontinence bed pads are a fine option for adding additional comfort and body support, whether you are new to memory foam are looking for the best quality mattress topper.

Last updated on November 9, 2020 10:42 am