Waterproof 4 Layer Bed Pad Washable Protector – Provide Great Comfort and Peace of mind
Waterproof 4 Layer Bed Pad Washable Protector – Provide Great Comfort and Peace of mind

This is a fantastic item considering all that it has got.

It’ll protect your mattress and will hold it all new like it come once purchase.

It’s thick and very light in weight.

Features Waterproof Layer Bed Pad Washable Protector

This waterproof mattress bed pad is straightforward to carry around; you can even keep it along while you’re traveling.

Waterproof Layer Bed Pad Washable Protector

4 Layers Protection

The ultra-soft absorbent organic cotton base is soothing and plush, stopping skin issues and offering you with the most excellent protection.

Highly absorbent and breathable polyester fiberfill layer makes sure your mattress cover is keeping the bed entirely dry all night.

100% water resistance layer leap proof and breathable, keep the sleeper dry and comfortable, decrease bedding changes and help prevent infection and soreness.

Natura bamboo fiber layer on bottom warm and soft, vinyl and free and perfect for sensitive skin, absolutely odorless.

Provide Comfort and Peace of Mind

Natural organic cotton, no dyeing, and printing, Cadmium, Free of Lead and All Phthalate.

Prevent harmful dye damaging and fading or poisoning on the skin or toddler licking. Unique porous air-permeable feature, vinyl free and highly safe to sensitive skin.

This water-resistant mattress pad features an ultra-soft cotton front layer and extremely absorbent polyester fiber layer for a comfy, smooth feel, anti-slip bamboo fiber backing eliminates bunching and slipping.

Make sure your toddler has a dry night’s rest with this baby mattress pad protector.

Both Side Can Be Utilized

The front side of the pad made with organic cotton – no dyeing and printing, no fluorescent agent, skin-friendly, no allergic issues and super absorbent.

And the backside of the pad made from natural bamboo fabric, comfortable and soft, anti-skid, no smell, breathable and cool for summer use.

For me, this is one of the best pad I have reviewed yet.

Multipurpose Feature

This water-resistant pad is ideal for toddler, baby, adults, elderly persons, ladies or even your lovely pets.

You can use it during POTTY training, for baby bedwetting or as in incontinence help for adults.

No issue you’re at home or on the go and outing, put in on the mattress, a sofa, a chair or on your lap, this waterproof mattress pad can forever do the job!


  • 100 Water-resistant
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Multipurpose usage
  • Strong build quality


  • Little bit heavy

Final words

If you’re looking for a mattress pad for baby, toddler, elderly persons than look no further, it is the mattress mad you with all the requirements you want in a single mattress pad.

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