Whisper Organics Organic Mattress Protector
Whisper Organics Organic Mattress Protector

An organic mattress protector and another mattress protector in common encase a mattress to save it. It is removable bedding that sits on top of the mattress.

Most organic mattress protectors also save the person sleeping on the mattress from irritants and allergens like dust mites, bed bugs, dead skin, and mold.

Whisper Organics, 100% Organic Mattress Protector
Whisper Organics, 100% Organic Mattress Protector

Mattress protectors are largely used to keep mattress surfaces containment clean and free.


They are generally waterproof – shielding your mattress from sweat, urine, sweat, and other stains. Most mattress protectors are hypoallergenic as well.

They measure around one inch or less. Most of them are made from polyester and in some cases, down and cotton.

Mattress protectors generally have elasticated edges – permitting owners to save their mattress corners and stretch them over the mattress full surface.

Organic mattresses protectors are packed with polyester and fibers case. Most of them also provide temperature neutrality.

Organic Mattress Protectors

Eco-friendly and organic mattress protectors are mostly produced of certified cotton jersey as this material is breathable and soft.

Whisper Organics, 100% Organic Mattress Protector
Whisper Organics Organic Mattress Protector

Not only that, but they also offer full contaminant and stain protection without retaining the sleeper’s body warm and feeling excessively hot – a truly general complaint about mattress protectors produce from synthetic fibers.

Organic mattress protectors decrease dust mites. While they do not get rid of a hundred percent of dust mites, they stop skin cells and sweat from permeating the mattress.

They support keep mites on the surface though, mainly when used consistently on a new mattress.

An organic mattress protector also helps save a hypoallergenic surface as organic cotton is one of the cleanest and hypoallergenic materials around.


They do not have chemical residue and pesticide – making the surface perfect for sleep while also completing organic and natural bedding well for people who are sensitive to or anxious about chemicals.


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