Baby Waterproof Bed Pad Organic Cotton - Helping Toddler sleep, so you can too!
Baby Waterproof Bed Pad Organic Cotton

We were extremely intrigued by the formation of a baby Waterproof bed pad, not to mention its versatility and generous size.

But first, let’s talk about construction, which is the most vital feature of a mattress pad.

Features Baby Waterproof Bed Pad Organic Cotton

This pad comes with four different protective layers to make sure the comfort and the utility of the product.

Baby Waterproof Bed Pad Organic Cotton
Baby Waterproof Bed Pad Organic Cotton

The water-resistant vinyl layer is non-slip and quite, which means there’s virtually no sound as the baby moves around, and it acts as a barrier against dust mites and bacteria.

The top pad layers are made from natural cotton fiber, which makes pad hypoallergenic and suitable for any baby in the world.

Waterproof Pad

Then, the very absorbent layer works jointly with a waterproof barrier, to make crib cleaning a whole lot easy.

Last, you have the soft fiber layer that lets you flip the cover upside down, exposing the presently white side of the mattress pad.

The fact the baby pad is water-resistant means it’d successfully absorb sweat and moisture, leading your baby to sleep very comfortably even during warm summer nights.

Due to its construction, the baby pad can resist multiple machines washed without losing its quality and versatility.

Even if your child has outgrown his crib, the pad can also be utilized on his regular bed, placed on the base whenever he’s playing, and more.

Baby mattress pad

This Baby mattress underpad is covered by best quality cotton fiber and high durable absorbent bamboo fiber liner, which let the mattress pad to feel highly smooth on the skin after repeated washes and uses.

Completely breathable layer allows your baby to sleep peacefully with plenty of space to move.

This pad covers protect your mattress and make cleaning up a breeze, but not at the expense of your kid’s comfort.

Due to the carefully balanced padding, this pads cover provides just the correct amount of support for your baby to have a completely restful and soothing sleep in full comfort.

Moreover, the pad cover does not make any clinking noises and it does not bunch up!

Baby Waterproof Bed Pad Organic Cotton
Baby Waterproof Bed Pad Organic Cotton


  • Made with natural materials
  • Features a 4 layer construction for the baby’s comfort
  • Machine washable


  • A little heavier than other pads

Final words

If you are looking for a padded cover with tons of features, I highly recommended to you, purchase this waterproof baby pad.