American Baby Company 2 Waterproof Pad Cover – budget Friendly option
American Baby Company 2 Waterproof Pad Cover – budget Friendly option

Whatever your memory foam mattress needs are, this hypoallergenic, water-resistant mattress pad cover is an ideal option for you.

Features American Baby Company 2 Waterproof Pad Cover

If you suffer from night sweats or you tend to swelter at night, adding this American Baby Company 2 water-resistant mattress pad to your bedding will provide you a complete regulation of body temp that’ll keep you dry and fresh all night long.

Beyond that, you’ll also really love its exceptionally durable construction.

This American Baby Company 2 water-resistant pad is made up of a generous amount of the state of the art natural fiber filling that has authentic free of duck and gooses down.

So it feels comfortable and smooth under your body skin; this provides you a fast relief after tried days.

What’s more, the natural fiberfill is engineered to make balls of fiber, which traps air, making it feel like a cloud unbeatable comfy and gentle support.

In addition, this unique engineering procedure maintains its form for a long time.

And one more, this American Baby 2 waterproof mattress pad provides you plenty of comfy.

This makes a cloudlike surface that keeps you really well supported therefore saving you the harshness of a very much firm bed.

I was also very impressed to see that it’s made to fit many memory foam mattresses; this is itself beneficial because you don’t have to worry about it sliding off.

American Baby Company 2 Waterproof Pad Cover – budget Friendly option
American Baby Company 2 Waterproof Pad Cover


  • Smooth and Soft Protection – this water-resistant pad cover not only protect your mattress but also provide soft quilted cushion for additional comfort.
  • Anti-noise technology – extra soft materials reduce sound crinkling noises. The top layer of 100 percent natural cotton all over quilted pattern.
  • Easy cleanup process – this water-resistant back layer protects the mattress from any kind of spills on bedwetting. This water-resistant pad makes for and simple way to clean up after that occasional night time causes. You just need to pull them off and throw them in the wash.


  • Unbeatable coziness and gentle support
  • Best quality backed with a money-back guarantee
  • Comfortable fit
  • Breathable material
  • 100 percent water-resistant
  • Hypoallergenic with down alternative


  • It’s not machine washable
  • Some users complaint about odor

Final words American Baby Waterproof Pad Cover 

American Baby is a well-known name in the bedding industry and its product waterproof fitted quilted pad is the ideal option for those who’re looking comfort and breathable pad in a budget-friendly option.

Last updated on March 1, 2021 3:21 am