American Mattress Company Graphite Infused Memory Foam
American Mattress Company Graphite Infused Memory Foam

This American made mattress is best for day beds, bunk beds, antique frames, trundles, RVs campers, kids mattresses or anywhere an eight medium-firm graphite infused get a mattress is required.

This mattress is covered in a stretch knit fabric, providing a soft breathable cover, ensuring a comfortably chill night sleep. Compatible with adjustable or standard bed frames.

The producer provides a lot of customization in terms of dimensions. It can be made to fit areas that may not otherwise be capable of accommodating Queen size beds.

If you are looking around for the best fit for your bunk bed or an RV, this might be your top bet. Additionally, it has a medium firmness and it is infused with graphite gel, which supports regulate your sleeping temperature.

American Mattress Company Graphite Infused Memory Foam
American Mattress Company Graphite Infused Memory Foam


  • Made in the USA – all products are hundred percent made in America
  • Medium-firm graphite gel infused
  • Custom sized for RVs, bunks, campers, trundles, etc.
  • No fiberglass or bad chemicals are used in products
  • We use Certi-Pur US certified foams


  • Superior chilling, thanks to the graphite infusion
  • Best choice for an RV bed
  • Accessible in custom sizes and dimensions


  • May not be a perfect pick for things outside of RVs or bunk beds

Let’s look over some of the things that you should look for in your next mattress:

Life expectancy

Perfectly, your mattress should last for at least eight best years before it begins showing signs of wear and tear. This is not necessarily a common rule of thumb, as there are some out there that can last up to ten years or even more without any issue. It mainly depends on what was produced.

For instance, memory foam mattress has an average life expectancy of ten years, while latex mattresses will top and last up to twelve years. There are no set rules here, as the way the mattress is being used can generally better or degrade its life expectancy.

Chemicals and allergens

If you are sensitive to chemicals or different materials, you should know that some mattresses can active allergic responses based on what was used to make them. Things like vinyl, various kinds of latex and plastic are all things a lot of people are allergic to.

Firmness American Mattress Company Graphite Infused Memory Foam

This largely comes down to your preference or may be brought on some medical situations that would need a certain level of firmness.