Casper Sleep Essential Mattress Twin
Casper Sleep Essential Mattress Twin

The Casper Essential is the budget-friendly reply to the real Casper bed.

This mattress is three layers of foam that makes an 11 thick sleeping surface.

This streamlined design is not compromising a standard for the price but instead reduces the thickness to have a relaxed, yet cost-friendly bed.

In this review, we cover everything you need to know about this affordable standard mattress.

Basics Casper Sleep Essential Mattress Twin

The top layers consist of a breathable poly foam that includes a perfect pliable layer that conforms to your body.

Under that is a layer of memory foam for best force relief and even weight distribution. Both of these relax foams sit on top of solid base foam.

This layer offers a strong base and support of the mattress.

Combine these layers to make a mattress that is not just easy on your wallet but also you’re back, providing you a universal relaxation bed that will work fantastic for most sleepers.

Not to mention the durable dark gray knit cover that covers the exterior and can even be zippered off.

The simplicity of this mattress does not take away what it offers.

The Casper Essential mattress provides a powerful sleeping surface with the best comfort built in the USA.

Casper Sleep Essential Mattress Twin
Casper Sleep Essential Mattress Twin

Motion transfer

One thing we can say the will is the Casper Essential mattress should do optimally for isolating motion.

This all-foam bed should simply absorb any excess movement and fast dissipate it before traveling. Making any action minimized at the source.

This is best if you have a cat or dog that likes to move around. Or even if you find yourself turning and tossing.

Sleeping cool

Most all foam mattresses may not provide the top solution for any person who sleeps hot.

This mattress does provide a more breathable top layer over the heat, retaining memory foam.

This helps with offsetting some of the warmth from your body.

Anyway, the full foam structures leave restricted airflow and the more medium feel does permit your body to sink in more.

Creating less airflow around you.

Edge support Casper Sleep Essential Mattress Twin

The edge support of the Casper essential mattress is about what you would guess.

Any mattress that has a lower profile, mainly in all foam, will have a much more likely chance of bottoming out on.

Making putting all of your weight on one selection feel extremely collapsed.

This is even more well-known if you need to sit on the edge of any reason. And makes long term sitting less attractive too.

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