sleep number beds worth it
sleep number beds worth it

Sleep Number beds are products from Select Comfort Corporation manufacturer that is a public company.

They design, manufacture, market, and distribute their Sleep number beds and mattresses.

Select Comfort was found in 1987. And now they have more than 4,700 employees.

They have two manufacturing spaces in two countries in the USA and Canada.


The question is, “Do Sleep Number beds worth it?”

Sleep Number is all about bed and numbers.

Sleep Number setting is your number of ideal firmness and support designed and calculated for your body proportions. When your Sleep Number is low, there is less air in your bed air chambers.

Sleep Number can change when your body changes. You can adjust your Sleep Number anytime.

The most popular Sleep Number is on an average of 35 to 45 that gives excellent support and pressure relief to the wide range of people in a lot of body sizes and their preferences and sleep styles.

So, Do Sleep Number Bed Worth it?

Sleep number bed worth it
Are Sleep Number beds worth it?

Sleep Numbers are most famous for their adjustable air beds that are unique to automatically adjust to your body shape in one type or the other, allowing you to automatically change firmness and support with one touch on the button 360 Smart and Value beds.

They are popular because they have dual air chambers to personalize beds to their needs without compromising with the other one.

Sleep Number bed has Select Comfort line, and all the models are air beds that consist of chambers filled with air.

The benefit of air chambers is the possibility of inflating or deflating to various degrees that will fit your needs.

Sleep Number beds come in almost every size, twin, twin long, full, double, queen, king, and California king size.

You can find Sleep Number’s air chambers type, cushioning gel foam, temperature moderating foam in mattress toppers. There is even a bed that can monitor your sleep.

Price of Sleep Number Beds

Sleep Number beds are luxury mattresses on the market. Prices vary from 900 to 1900 dollars for queen mattresses that do not include base, 300 dollars and up.

Flex Fit adjustable bases that raise the head of the bed start at 1200 dollars, without setup and delivery that are not included.

Topline king bed 360 Smart Bed that has Flex Fit 3 base that comes with biometric sensors, foot warmer, under bed nightlight and has individually adjustable head and foot position for both sides of the bed, this type comes at a price around 10,000 dollars.

This type of mattress that is similar but does not have biometrics can be found on the market for around 7,000 dollars.

Select Comfort system does not include a box spring like the standard bed mattresses.

Sleep Number mattresses are great for platform bed frames.

The mattress sits on top of the molded plastic platform with an upholstered cover that looks like a box spring.

Flex Fit has a lifting system available in three different configurations to adjust the head and foot of the bed in different positions.

Air-filled chambers are sealed in zippered cover and can come in pillow top design like standard mattress and vary in thickness.

The air pump that controls the bed is under the bad and comes with a remote control that adjusts the air chambers’ firmness by releasing or pumping air in chambers.

Firmness has levels from 1 to 100 in increments in the numerical value of five to show the fullness of the mattress with air and the bed’s durability.

Positive sides of Sleep Number mattresses:

Positive sides of Sleep Number mattresses
Positive sides of Sleep Number mattresses

The therapeutic benefit of sleeping on this bed, especially to the back sleepers type; couples can relax together, and each has their personalized sleeping style;

Sleep Number bed systems are lightweight and quickly movable.

The lifespan of the mattress doesn’t depend on the compression of fiber fillers or springs.

Those systems last longer than standard mattresses; the Sleep IQ system can monitor your sleep, and be connects with fitness devices.

Seeing these pros, your answer to “do sleep number beds worth it?” would be “Yes,” I guess.

Negative sides of Sleep Number mattresses:

Mattresses are separate from the bed, so you have a gap between them. It is not a big one, but you can notice it.

Dual air chambers are separated with foam inserts.

When lying in bed, that gap is like a little hump in the middle depending on the firmness it is more or less noticeable; cheaper mattresses have very thin foam toppers that are good for back sleepers; a thin foam layer can make excessive trapped heat in bed; when the bed is softer chambers are empty so the bed can look a little bit saggy because of the space in chambers;

The bed’s lightweight can feel insubstantial because it does not have skid pads; air leakage from the air chambers is possible, but mattresses have extended warranty and possibilities of change; malfunction and squeaking sound of the light mattress bed.

Sleep Number mattresses
Sleep Number mattresses

Wrapping Up

So, do sleep number beds worth it? Yes, they DO!

If you would like a modern designed smart bed that will fit the modern technology lifestyle, this is the one.

You will fall in love with it.

The bed’s firmness and position to the legs and head are adjustable, and you can change it with a simple press of the button.

Sleep Number mattresses are easy to move and easy to set up, so you can bring your bed with you wherever you go.

Electronics and applications that can sync in with smartphones and fitness smart gadgets will give you insight into your sleeping pattern and determine many details about your habits.

Modern technology can be comfortable!

You can see some best sleep number beds here to get started!

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