Coleman air mattress double-high supportrest air bed Review
Coleman air mattress double-high supportrest air bed Review

The Coleman SupporRest double high airbed has an added top design that offers added cushioning and is ultimate for getting in and out of bed.

Designed for outdoor and indoor use, this inflatable mattress is best for houseguests or camping tours.

Features Coleman Air Mattress double-high Support

The velvet-like plush top provides a soft feel, so you can drift off to sleep in relaxation, while the support lock reinforced construction lets you enjoy a perfect sleeping surface.

Once the mattress is inflated with a 120V Coleman or rechargeable pump, the AirTight structure and twin lock control device help keep the bed at the most substantial level.

This twin air mattress supports up to three hundred pounds and fits standard queen-size sheets.

Coleman air mattress double-high support rest air bed Review
Coleman air mattress double-high support rest air bed Review


  • Soft plush top with support lock reinforced construction for included stability.
  • The extra-high design makes getting out and in bed easier and provides extra cushioning.
  • AirTight system and twin lock valve help stop leaks
  • Supports up to three hundred pounds, designed for outdoor and indoor use
  • About inflated dimensions, 75 x 39 x 18 inches, fits standard twin sheets

Advantages Coleman air mattress


This mattress feels almost like a regular bed. It has a lot of support and is more potent than most air mattresses.

It will also inflate to over twenty inches if you favor a firm bed.

Another bonus to the increased height is that getting out of bed is simpler.

You do not have to roll onto the ground with this mattress – you can sit on the edge like you would in your bed at the house.


It has both lateral and vertical support for included comfort.

The Comfortstrong beams keep the sleeping surface level without caving in, while the support lock design provides lateral support for the mattress width.

The two specs gathered make for a stable, flat sleeping surface, remarkably similar to a regular bed.

Coleman air mattress double-high support rest air bed Review
Coleman air mattress double-high support rest air bed Review

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Support Lock Reinforcement system

The system keeps the mattress steady when you turn it over at night.

With this stability, the mattress sides are likely to break down.

The mattress’s inner support coils are powerful and well-linked, so they continue to do the work they were designed to do.

This design holds up during spread use.

We have not seen the inner stabilizers fail.

This keeps the sleeping area from dipping or sagging around the edges.

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Comfort and features

This mattress is amazingly relaxed and matched to traditional, single-height air mattresses. Its taller size makes a more strong sleeping experience.

The most relaxed night’s sleep is achieved by placing an included layer between the sleeper and the mattress top, such as a folded blanket or a foam pad. With this extra layer, the mattress feels more like an actual bed.

The Coleman Air mattress’s double-high support is excellent for most uses and needs. This air mattress is taller than conventional models, standing eighteen inches high once wholly inflated.

The model does not come with a pump, though a pump is highly advised due to its role.

There is a linked piece of strings and fabric rather than having a separate bag to store the air mattress.

When the mattress is deflated, it can be rolled or folded to contain this fabric and its ties. The mattress vinyl will stretch slightly on the first night of use, causing it to deflate somewhat.

Ease of use

Storing the mattress is also perfect and straightforward because the storage device is physically linked, making it impossible to misplace it. It is also pretty simple to fold or roll the bed to fit the storage flap.

Rolling a mattress to fit rightly within its storage bag is often frustrating and challenging. The attached strings and flap make it much simpler to manipulate and store this air mattress.

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Standard sheets fit on the mattress, though deep-pocket sheets work excellently. Whether another layer is included, sheets are also better for the sleeping experience. Because the Coleman Air Mattress Double-High support has a soft top layer, most sheets grip well to the top and do not slip or come off the bed.

Adding foam or sheets layer to the top also ensures that the sleeper is hot enough, as the mattress tends to remain relatively calm throughout the night, mainly while camping.

Accessible in queen and twin sizes, the air mattress sits high enough off the ground that getting off or on the bed is easy.

Its height provides a sleeping experience less like sleeping on the floor and on an actual bed, which is a perk for users.

The included size is mainly beneficial for individuals prone to back or hip pain who may have issues getting up and down from lower-height chairs and beds.

Advantages of Coleman air mattress double-high support


A coil system is incorporated in this Coleman air mattress to provide your body with the support it needs while you sleep. It also contains a plush top that includes total comfort. When it comes to comfort for a guest/ outdoor bed, this brand has delivered as matched to other brands.


This brand has remarkable work in construction for a temporary sleeping solution. The bed has been reinforced along the edges, contributing to successful support. It can carry weight up to six-hundred pounds. If you carry much weight, the Coleman air mattress provides you with the top solution you have been looking for.

AirTight system

You likely would not want an airbed notorious for leaking when using it. Whereas the inflating system needs an external pump, Coleman has added a twin lock value to help prevent leaks.

Deflating is also not complicated as a wrap and roll system is added. It is simple to transport.


The material used in making this bed is high-standard puncture-resistant PVC. The top surface has been anti-microbial treated, and it resists harmful fungus odor and mildew. The staff is the top choice for open-air activities.

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Does it come with a carry bag?

Being sixteen pounds and queen-sized, you may think this bed will be vast or monster. Coleman has the solution to this heavy and bulky issue. That is the Wrap N Roll system built into the Air mattress. You can never lose the carry bag for this airbed.

The WRAP N Roll solution is linked to the material of the bed. You roll up the bed base, which squeezes out any remaining air within the mattress from the bed base. So you have deflated the bed, wrap the mattress into thirds on top of each other lengthways.

The role and wrap carry case has a handle to make moving it around simpler. Once you get this, you fold the carry bag around the mattress. Tie the ends of the rope combine, and the bed is now folded up, compact, and ready for the thrilling adventure.

Am I guaranteed not to leak?

Another remarkable statement by Coleman is that the SupportRest is promised not to leak.

So how does it stop air from escaping like almost every air mattress? First, you must inflate the airbed the night before and let the PVC stretch.

Otherwise, you will think the bed has deflated on you the first night. But this is not the case; it is general for the PVC to stretch during its primary use.

This has to perform with the twin lock air value. No air is capable of escaping through the matter due to this design. But after that, the bed stays powerful like a trooper. Do not hesitate. It is not hard as it may seem.

Coleman Queen Double-High Quickbed & Pump

Air Mattress FAQs

Is Coleman the best air mattress brand?

In our experience, Coleman does manufacture some excellent air mattresses with standard specs. Most of their models are not as latest as some higher-end models, but they are less costly – they are the best affordable pick for outdoor and indoor use.

Does the Coleman air mattress double-high support come with a pump?

Yes, this air mattress has a pump, but some do not. It depends on the model.

What are the Coleman air mattresses made of?

Coleman air mattresses produce PVC, which is standard for Polyvinyl Chloride. It is a strong plastic that stretches and stops popping and air leakage.

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