EnerPlex Premium Luxury Queen Size Air Mattress
EnerPlex Premium Luxury Queen Size Air Mattress

To inflate the bed, plug the bed in, pull out the inflate valve, turn the knob to the left to open, and turn on.

Watch as the bed inflates to complete capacity in under two minutes.

When the air mattress reaches your wanted level on inflation, turn the knob back to the right, force it in, and turn the pump off.

EnerPlex Premium Luxury Queen Size Air Mattress
EnerPlex Premium Luxury Queen Size Air Mattress

Features EnerPlex Premium Luxury Queen Size Air Mattress

Coil beam construction

With a proprietary coil beam construction, the Enerplex air mattress offers firm support for the right spinal alignment.

The outcome? All of the relaxation of your regular mattress, with the perfect space-saving size of an air mattress.

Welded seams will make sure that your bed stands the test of time.

Raised profile

A thirteen profile offers the further height of the ground, to easily get out of bed.

Begin your day off right by rolling over and standing up with the lowest effort.

The strong built and raised profile makes it simple to get in and out, and an anti-slip base stops the air mattress from moving even on tile or wood floors.

Comfort and durability

Constructed from force-resistant PVC, the EnterPlex air mattress is made to withstand use over time.

The deluxe, velvety flocked top, offers the best mixture of relaxation and durability.

Upon first use, ensure you permit the bed to sit for twenty-two hours so that that stuff can completely stretch.

The bed can be pumped up as firm or soft as you love it, completely adjustable to your specific relaxation level.

Perfect use and storage

Designed to the job with your regular queen-sized bed sheets, the EnterPlex raised air mattress has special ridges as its sides to stop sheets from slipping.

Once your bed is inflated and you have permitted the seams to buffer for twenty-two hours, treat it just as you would a regular mattress.

When you are finished with your inflatable bed, it can be deflated and folded for storage in the added carry bag.

Guest accommodations EnerPlex Premium Luxury Queen Size Air Mattress

The EnterPLex Double-high raised airbed is made to be supportive and firm, promoting the right spinal alignment.

It feels just like your regular mattress.

If you are looking for a bit of a softer bed, just pump up for a few fewer seconds.

The EnterPlex queen-sized air mattress will grip air to whatever your preference is all night long.

Use a bed as a spare for your guests from out of town, but be alert; they might not want to leave.