Which type of mattress is good for health?
Which type of mattress is good for health?

We received many people’s messages recently asking this same question “Which type of mattress is good for health?” and we decided to write a write up on it in which we have come up with it.

The wrong type of mattress can cause worsen back pain. The ergonomic mattress is designed to encourage good posture while sleeping, relaxes muscles and provides healthy, deep, wholesome sleep.

We can not find one mattress that will fit everyone; you need to choose a mattress that fits your natural sleeping posture and your needs.

Changing your wrong mattress with different ones can make a big difference to you; try different mattresses and find out the right one for you.

Mattresses that are good for chronic back pain: Amerisleep A52 – plant-based memory foam and Celliant fabric; Saatva mattresses – innerspring in combination with memory foam; Layla mattresses – dual-sided copper gel infusion memory foam and Thermo gel technology; and Bear mattresses proprietary technology in conjunction with gel-infused memory foam. These mattresses are made of special materials and are design in away.

So they make great body support and contouring with the minimal sinking of the body.

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When you are looking for a mattress that will make great support for the back pain, pay attention to the firmness of the mattress; and your sleeping style that plays a big role in purchasing a bed.

Which type of mattress is good for health?
firmness of the mattress

Firmness – mattress needs to support your lower back if you are back sleeper, and at the same time has to be soft enough to contour your body.

A mattress that is too stiff will push your spine while the ones that are too soft will not offer any support to the spine. A medium-firm mattress is ideal for the back sleepers.

Side sleepers need a mattress that is slightly softer to cushion enough in the areas of shoulders and hips. If your sleeping position is on the stomach, you will need a firmer mattress to prevent your body from sinking in the bed.

Almost every person changes positions during the night and the memory foam mattresses are perfect for purchasing; because memory foam materials have high motion isolation and they are firm and variously soft depending on the type.

Wide variety of types mattress

Furthermore, memory foam is the best choice of ergonomic mattress to relieve back pain. Memory foam has a wide variety of types in a range of density from soft to medium and firm depending on the needs.

It will cradle the body and it curves while being firm enough to support back’s muscles and bones. The spinal cord has three curves: the curved C shaped cervical spine that is support for the head, reverse C shaped thoracic spine that supports upper body part and; C shaped curve of the lumbar spine that is positioned in the lower back that is the foundation of your back.

Memory foam

Memory foam keeps the spine in the alignment and prevents back pain; and discomfort in general with providing lumbar support for the body posture while lying.

Premium mattresses

There are premium mattresses that are focus on pain relief; they combine foam advantages with coil springs to have the best of the mattress technology for excellent support and comfort for the sleeper.

They conform to the body while offering a firm surface that is not sagging. Back pain needs a medium-firm mattress that will minimize stress and; pressure on the cervical, thoracic and lumbar parts of the back.

If your back pain is acute, you will need a mattress that is designed especially for the medical condition. Natural Forms have professional products in the medical industry; their products are suitable for complex conditions such as;

Degenerative Disc Disease, Spinal Stenosis, Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis, Herniated Discs, and more issues that are connected with the chronic back, hip and pain, neck problems.

Natural Form mattresses are made of Merino wool and memory foam with the unique patented support system, which offers support like the coil springs but without excessive pressure.

Self-adjusting technology uses independent air pods that do not need pumps, sensors, or motors and the company is avoiding using electrical components in the making.

Mattresses that are quality changes body profile instantly; without making hard spots that will cause discomfort and pain to the back.

A mattress can be tuned on both sides to accommodate both persons that are sleeping on him.

Which type of mattress is good for health?

Bear Mattress is great for active people that need good rest sleep for muscle recovery, healing of injuries and just a good night’s sleep to feel rested and recover energy back. Bear mattresses are designed to facilitate physical recovery for amateurs and professional athletes.

They use a new kind of fabric that reflects the natural body heat, like infrared energy and helping muscles and joints to recover.

They use client technology in the mattress cover. This mattress will make a big difference if you have muscular origin pain and will boost resting effect dramatically.

Nontoxic mattresses

Some mattresses contain hazardous compounds like polybrominated diphenyl ethers, also known as PBDEs, they are connected to the full range of the health conditions and complications like hearing disorder, reduced sperm count, thyroid problems, congenital disabilities, even some types of cancer.

PBDEs are bans, but you can still find them present in some types of mattresses. Also, you can find volatile organic compounds, also calls VOC that are equally dangerous.

Non toxic mattresses

Pregnancy and sleeping. pregnant women need an extra dose of comfort and support. Medium-firm memory foam mattresses are a great choice for pregnant women that offers plenty of support; if they are too soft, women will sink in and getting out of the bed will be difficult. A nontoxic mattress is important in every part of life, especially during pregnancy and after for the mother and newborn.

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