How A Good Mattress Can Relieve Your Back Pain
How A Good Mattress Can Relieve Your Back Pain

The primary benefit of a good mattress is the most obvious one, a good night´s sleep.

Sleep physician Dr. Neile Kline tells us that a bad mattress can “negatively affect sleep.”

Poor quality of sleep has a severe impact on our ability to function properly. Not least of these is the issue of back pain.

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Bad sleepcauses back pain ando makes us feel it more.

A poor-quality mattress will lead to tossing and turning during the night as you struggle to find the correct position.Findingg a sleeping posture conducive to a healthy back becomes impossibl because you’re unconsciouse.

As a rule of thumb, a well-rested person is less likely to feel the negative effects of muscular fatigue.

The right mattress can be a miracle cure for back pain. Although comfortable in the showroom, softer mattresses won´t help your body maintain a natural alignment.

A study carried out in 2008 tested 28 females and 29 males who suffered from back pain. During the first 28 days of the study, they slept on their beds. After that, they switched to memory foam or increased support mattresses.

Patients reported reduced stress is the second 28 day period. They also reported significantly less back pain during this period.

A good bed then has a two-fold effect. The first is to improve the quality of your sleep. This makes you less stressed and less likely to feel muscular aches.

The second directly fights against back pain by providing support. This support helps keep your spine aligned during the night, meaning your muscles won´t have to do extra work.

You could even find that the right mattress can encourage a good posture during waking hours.

Right Sleep Position For Back Pain Sufferers:

Onething that makese finding the root cause of back pain such a chore is the differences in how we sleep.
A good mattress will support all sleepers, but improving back pain can be as simple as changing the way you sleep.
Right Sleep Position For Back Pain Sufferers
Right Sleep Position For Back Pain Sufferers

Stomach Sleepers

Good:- The good news for stomach sleepers, or their partners, is that stomach sleeping helps open up your airways.

This means that you´re less likely to snore during the night. Unfortunately, that´s about all the positive news for those who opt for the face-plant position.

Bad:-Those who sleep on their stomach will want to re-evaluate their sleeping style sooner rather than later. Sleepingyour  chest down will cause your spine to flatten.

This puts extra stress on your lower-back muscles, which keep preserving your spine´s natural curvature.

Furthermore, sleeping on your stomach means you´ll twist your neck. This can cause problems in the upper neck and shoulders.

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Side Sleepers

Good:- If you´re a side-sleeper,ensuree you have a good pillow for your body.  Side-sleeping is the most common way to catch some winks, which isn´t surprising because it has numerous benefits.

Like sleeping on your stomach, side-sleeping opens up your airway, making breathing easier and reducings snoring.

When it comes to the back side-sleeping is far healthier than sleeping on your stomach. This is because the curved position with your legs tucked up mimics your position in the womb.

It also helps stress your back and neck, which no longer needs to hold your head in position.

Tucking your legs up whilst you sleepis  beneficial to your back. It promotes a natural curvature of the spine which takes the stress off your back muscles. It also helps your heart to pump blood around the body.

For pregnant women sleeping specifically on their left side helps promote a healthy blood flow for both mother and child. In short, if you can sleep on your side, you probably should.

Bad:-Have you ever experienced pins and needles whilst lying on your side? This phenomenon is known as a capillary crush because it stops blood from getting into specific limbs resulting in a numb arm.

Usually, a simple adjustment can help to alleviate numbness in the limbs from side sleeping.

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Back Sleeping

Good:-Those who sleep on their back tend to be the calmest sleepers. The back sleeping position distributes weight evenly across your mattress, allowing blood to flow easily. That means you won´t have to move around in the night to deal with numbness. Back sleeping provides the best night´s slee,p which, as mentioned in this article, is key to reducing muscular pain.

If you´re a back sleeper suffering from a painful lower back, try sleeping with your knees a little higher. When you raise your knees, the curvature of your lower back begins to disappear. Try propping a pillow underneath your legs when you´re sleeping. You may find that this simple trick helpseliminatef your back pain.

Bad:-Sleeping on your back may give you the perfect night´s rest, but it might not give your partner one. When we sleep on our backs, our airways are restricted, which causes difficulty in breathing.

This usually manifests itself as a noisy snore. Restricted airways can also cause other anti-social sleeping habits like sleep apnea ().

If you sleep comfortably on your back,changing your sleeping position is not recommendedn as this is by far the most beneficial for your back and your rest.

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