Firms Vs Soft Mattress
Firms Vs Soft Mattress

When you enter the overwhelming world of a mattress showroom, the first question you´ll be asked is firm or soft.

The popular myth is that if you have a bad back, you need a firm mattress. The spine is naturally curved, so the ideal mattress helps preserve that curve.

A mattress that is too firm will create pressure points. These are uncomfortable and will contribute to a bad back.

Equally, a mattress that is too soft will make your spine over-compensate, causing muscular pain.

The right support will depend on your weight as well as your sleeping position.

Flipping And Rotating:

Well-used mattresses will start to show signs of wear and tear.

The areas that provide the most support will gradually dim.

To lengthen a mattress’s life span, you should rotate it or flip it once every 6 months.

This means you´ll be sleeping on different areas of the mattress, so you get the maximum level of support.

The area that supports your lower back, for example, will be worn out quicker than the area that supports your legs.

Not all mattresses need to be flipped, and you may see some that are designed to deal with the rigors of long-term usage without flipping.


A mattress might seem like a hefty outlay, but they´re designed to last between 10 and 20 years.

The longest-lasting mattresses are still classic spring mattresses. As I mentioned above, your bed will become less effective in combating back pain over time.

This is a result of general wear and tear, which is particularly common on spring mattresses.

Memory foam or air-filled mattresses may not last as long, but an old memory foam mattress will be better for your back than an old spring mattress.


Developed by NASA, latex mattresses tend to be a little more expensive.

For that, you get one of the most comfortable night´s sleep money can buy.

Latex naturally spreads support across the whole body, meaning you get a firmer surface to sleep on.

Similar to memory foam, a latex mattress will also adjust to your favored sleeping position.

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Memory foam

These are the mattresses for the modern age.

The memory foam mattress not only feels comfortable but also conforms to your body shape, sleep position, and sleeping habits.

Changing your sleeping position is a difficult thing to do. Even if you do manage to fall asleep, you´ll likely revert to type when unconscious.

A mattress that adapts to you will provide support in all the right places.

A study carried out in 2008  found that foam mattresses, alongside waterbeds, helped with back pain whilst providing a comfortable night´s sleep.

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Firm Vs. Soft Mattress – Which Is Best?

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