Nectar Memory Foam Pillows
Nectar Memory Foam Pillows

The Nectar firm was founded in 2016 to address the specific needs of different sleepers and offer an affordable, standard product to consumers.

Operating as an internet buying experience, it keeps money by rejecting the markups of brick-and-mortar stores.

By 2019 it was considered one of the quickest growing firms in North America.

Most sleep professionals agree that purchasing a suitable mattress is one of the most significant and most vital financial investments you can make in your sleep. Still, when it comes to improving the standard and quantity of your sleep, the best pillow is almost as vital as the best mattress.

It helps keep your head and neck in the proper alignment with the rest of your body, and so supports a healthy sleep posture essential for achieving a relaxed and sound night sleep and waking without stiffness and pain, and you have to pick the best one that will best work for you.

In today’s review, we will look at the Nectar pillow created by the Nectar mattress firm and designed to match the standard and adaptive feel of their mattress.

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Features Nectar Memory Foam Pillows

The cover fabric of this pillow is produced from a blend of Tencel and polyester, both of which are soft and natural-wicking.

But Tencel, in particular, is famous for its amazingly smooth and breathable feel.

Not to mention, it is a sustainable fabric derived from dissolving wood pulp, which might appeal most to warm sleepers looking to go green.

The Nectar pillow is stuffed full of shredded memory foam, which provides a soft yet supportive feel.

Foam fans who favor a denser pillow with a slow response to force are likely to be compatible with this one.

Bear in mind, though, that the foam in this pillow is broken up into dozens of popcorn-sized shreds, which brings a few unique perks to the table.

Nectar Memory Foam Pillows
Nectar Memory Foam Pillows

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Are Nectar pillows good?

The Nectar pillow has a high profile of 5.5 inches, making it mainly well-suited to side and back sleepers.

Additionally, it specs a moisture-wicking cover fabric that might benefit warm sleepers or those prone to night sweats.

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Do Nectar pillows expand?

Because the Nectar pillow is packed with foam, you may find it needs some time to spread after removing it from its packaging.

In my experience, the Nectar pillow ultimately expanded and reached its actual size approximately fifteen minutes after I unboxed it.

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The quilted outer shell is produced from Tencel and utilizes active ventilation hence why you will sleep chill at night with this pillow.

Likewise, the inside is overstuffed with memory foam permitting you to include and remove stuffing to match your personal preferences. While performing our Nectar sleep memory foam pillow review, we learned that the inside cushioning was made from the same memory foam as Nectar’s beloved mattresses.


The quilted cover provides an excellent, yet relaxing, a soft pillow for you to lay your head on. And with the help of the memory foam, you will obtain a pillow that is both supportive and cushioning.

Also, the fact that you can both include and remove sections of the inside makes this pillow completely customizable, meaning you can decide for yourself what firmness level you need. After all, no issue how many Nectar sleep pillow reviews you read. You know best what you want from a pillow.

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It does not sag at first sight and provides excellent support than other memory foam products. It supports keeping your neck and head in proper alignment with the rest of your body while it is also soft enough to stop the moral force points and offer a relaxed night’s sleep.

The Nectar pillow is designed to be wholly adaptive and customizable. It is perfect for all sleep positions and body types.

You need to include or remove the best amount of foam to make it work for you, and you can save the remaining filling and forever have more foam if your preferences change.

Unlike many pillows we have slept on so far, this one does not cause any discomfort or pain in our upper neck or back. We feel our necks and heads are well supported throughout the night without feeling like we are sleeping on something too stiff or firm.

The Nectar pillow also sleeps significantly more chiller than other pillows due to its shredded foam construction, the use of gel-infused memory foam, and Tencel cover famous for its chilling and moisture wicking breathability and properties.

So, it does not cause the buildup of heat and the feeling of stickiness typical for memory foam items, making your head get too hot in the night and cause excessive sweating.

So, this pillow has everything essential to keep you relaxed and cool throughout the night and help you get enough standard night sleep and sound necessary to wake up feeling relaxed, refreshed, and fully ready to begin the new day.

Is the Nectar pillow best for you?

By the Nectar pillow if you love:

Cost-sleeping pillow

The Nectar pillow incorporates many techniques in its design to keep you chill, from a quilted memory foam cover, gen-infused and breathable foam inside it, to a moisture-wicking Tencel.

So, it is a perfect choice for all those looking for a pillow that can give them a relaxed and chill sleep all through the whole night.

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High standard, customizable pillows

Most pillows are just one flat piece of foam, or they are packed with shredded or feather foam and do not permit any customization.

On the other hand, the Nectar pillow is an entirely customizable pillow stuffed with the highest standard foams, which you can remove or include achieving the level of support and comfort you need.

Memory foam feel

This pillow offers contour and hugs typical for memory foam, and it is general enough to stop the look of pressure points without causing you to feel trapped in foam.


All the pillows purchased from Nectar come with a five-year warranty. This is a pretty extended warranty for a mere pad, which presents that the business has great faith in the longevity of its products.

If there are any faults, errors, or flaws with your Nectar Memory foam pillow or Lush Nectar pillow within these five years, you need to contact them to change your Nectar Sleep pillows. The warranty does not cover wear and tear and similar abuse and misuse of the cushions.

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Can you wash a nectar pillow?

The Nectar pillow is entirely washable; anyway, the company insists that neither a washer nor dry is needed.

A light and straightforward cleaning with water, soap, and a cleaning town should be sufficient to remove the everyday oil and dirt built up on a pillow over time. You will want to squeeze the excess water out of the pad quickly so it can dry thoroughly.

How long does it take the Nectar pillow to expand ultimately?

While the Nectar mattress can take up to seventy-two hours to expand, the pillow should be capable of returning to its intended size within five to six hours.

Anyway, because the pillow is much tiny and straightforward to handle than the mattress, it is possible to use your hands to perform a bit of light fluffing to speed up the re-expansion process.

Nectar Pillow Review – See What’s Inside!!

What size are Nectar pillows?

The Nectar pillow comes in a single size, and its dimensions are 17 x 29, with a loft of 5.5 inches tall.

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End words

If you are looking for a new pillow, you should consider buying the Nectar pillow. Being made of 3 different types of premium foam, it is far more supportive than traditional pillows and perfect for all sleeping styles.

It is adjustable in that it permits you to remove or include back it is filling to get the softness that will top work for you.

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