Nectar Mattress Cover
Nectar Mattress Cover

Nectars mattress protector is made initially of cotton, so you can bet that it will begin out soft and only get softer over time.

The top layer is quilted with a plush layer of padding. It is not thick like a mattress topper, but it still includes an extra bit of cushion.

Featurs Nectar Mattress Cover

Beneath the cotton pad is a layer of waterproof stuff. Nectar mattress protector even resists dust mites and other allergens.

With such amazing protection, your bed will remain in a like-new condition for much longer.

Construction and material

Quilted and Tencel cotton. This is the easiest way to describe one of the most unusual mattress protectors.

Funny enough, we never imagined the chance of associating a protector with relaxation because no one actually sleeps directly on the protector. We all use sheets on top.

But the extra padding of the Nectar protector is actually something you can look forward to.

When you purchase this product, you can basically guess to get a fitted sheet with bottomless pockets made from Tencel, which comes with a quilted cover.

The padded cotton top is truly soft both when you touch it, as well as when you sleep on it.

Nectar Mattress Cover
Nectar Mattress Cover

Heat transfer

This chapter is also vital for people that like to advantage of a cooling bad atmosphere.

These are 2 things that make the Nectar mattress protector is one of the most breathable items of its type: cotton and Tencel.

Cotton is naturally breathable stuff, but also that can wick away moisture when it needs to.

That means that if you ever get the midnight sweats, the protector would not permit you to sleep in your body’s own humidity.

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It’s naturally cooling, eco-friendly, and has tiny fibers that make it very breathable.

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