SafeRest Queen Size Waterproof Mattress Protector
SafeRest Queen Size Waterproof Mattress Protecto

SafeRest: A mattress protector is just something that you cannot do without in your host of bedroom necessities.

This accessory keeps your mattress from being stained, thus keeping your precious warranty.

A single mark from a pen, coffee stain or any other cause will void a mattress warranty.

The Best Waterproof Mattress Protector Will Have

A mattress protector will also prevent your bed from becoming a breeding ground for dust mites, microbes, bacteria, and allergens.

These are major causes of concern as your bed is one of those that you spend the most time in, and keeping it under wraps with a mattress protector ensures that is time well spent.

SafeRest – Protection From Wear And Tear

SafeRest - Protection From Wear And Tear
SafeRest – Protection From Wear And Tear

This is the top reason why a person will consider buying a mattress protector.

A full-size mattress is not cheap, and a mattress protector will safeguard the mattress from daily wear and tear.

A waterproof one will prevent stains from liquids or spills, keeping your full warranty and peace of mind.

Protection From Allergens, Pet Dander, and Dust Mites

Dust mites and bacteria thrive in unsanitary environments and a mattress protector will eliminate their threat with a host of anti-allergen properties to ward off these dangers.

A washable mattress cover will ensure that it stays clean.


  1. Waterproofing that works 100% protection against sweat, wetting, liquids, and stains. The waterproof mattress protector membrane back coating is breathable, durable and noiseless. This protects the mattress’s warranty by keeping the bed itself pristine and free from stains.
  2. This waterproof mattress protector queen size is durable and easy to clean and retains its waterproofing even after several washes. The level of waterproofing amazes even the most doubtful user. Washing the mattress protector is ultimately so much easier than having to clean the mattress itself.
  3. On waterproof mattress protector reviews, it showed that the protector will not alter the feel and comfort level of your mattress, it is like it is not even there! Keeping your bed clean has never been easier.
  4. The hypoallergenic cotton terry surface will ensure that your bed is free from dead skin cells, wherein dust mites thrive on. Depriving them with the environment that they like will minimize if not altogether rid your bed of their presence. This ensures that no allergen triggers will be present, especially for families that include people with allergies. With this protector, rest assured that you can breathe a little bit easier with a clean mattress underneath.
  5. Keeping it really clean with a fitted sheet style design covering a queen-sized mattress with ease, this prevents wear and tear from getting through and extends the life, use, and cleanliness of your mattress.



Everyone needs some kind or type of mattress protector in their beds whether it is new or an older one.

Remember that a mattress, especially a good one is a major spend and investment, costing thousands of dollars.

To put things into perspective, buying a mattress without a waterproof mattress protector is akin to buying a phone without a case.

So if you do not have one, better make sure to get one as early as possible.

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