One’s Own Mattress Protector – Upgrade Choice
One’s Own Mattress Protector – Upgrade Choice

The One’s Mattress Protector is everyone’s main choice for upgraded pick and one of the more eco-friendly of waterproof mattress pad protectors on the market now.

This is a thoroughly durable mattress protector which has to stage 5 sides of protection.

One’s Own Mattress Protector – Upgrade Choice
One’s Own Mattress Protector – Upgrade Choice

Construction One’s Own Mattress Protector

Mattress Cover Pad specially designed to prevent your mattress from any leaks and spills, the TENCEL topped layer is made up of 100 percent eucalyptus fiber for the most lavish and soft mattress protector while offering a lightweight 190 GSM sleeping surface.

This formation also works to provide a much quitter surface mattress protector.

Completely hypoallergenic deters and repels any pets, including those dust mite, while its water-resistant contents resist mildew and mold growth alongside some other allergens.

Chemical-free material

With no harmful contents utilized within this Mattress Protector Pad, the outcome of a TPU, that’s bio gradable THERMO Polyurethane, it makes sure a micro-porous base meaning increased breathability and no chance of overheating during use.

The usage of such small but beneficial eucalyptus fibers keeps away any sorts of moisture and oils and therefore work to make a hostile and inhospitable surrounding for the things that are worst for us while encouraging an overall healthy environment outside of the One’s Mattress Protector.

Phthalate and vinyl free, this is a fitted sheet formation available in a fine selection of sizes to pick from and is simple to wash and care for.

Ultimately, this One’s Mattress Protector offers an amazingly limited lifetime guarantee.

Easy to wash

Users Protector thoroughly enjoy the best level of protection this covers provides but also highly rate the softness and the material utilized in its construction.

The capability to keep it as fine as new after regular wash cycles are also extremely rated here.


  • Lightweight
  • 100% eucalyptus fiber
  • Noiseless
  • TPU
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Five side protection
  • Holds well after repeated washing
  • Non-toxic and breathable material
  • Limited lifetime guarantee
  • Fitted sheet design


  • Little bit expensive

Final words One’s Mattress Protector

The One’s Mattress Protector is a peak choice among testers for a range of reasons.

It is not just leak-proof, it is also super comfy to sleep, it is safe too, the mattress protector is hypoallergenic and naturally, dust mites replant.

There is a three month returns policy on this protector.

Try to ensure it is right for you, purchasers say the customer service is top-notch.