Menstrual Mattress Period Leak Proof Bed Pad – Breathable, Anti-slip and Comfortable
Menstrual Mattress Period Leak Proof Bed Pad

If you tend to sleep comfortably during the menstrual time, you might love this Period leak water-resistant bed pad.

It is made from naturally slip-resistant and soft organic cotton, which will allow you to enjoy comfortable and more refreshing sleep in this period.

Features Menstrual Mattress Period Leak Proof Bed Pad

The material is fragile and slightly stretchy, so it would not change the feeling of your foam mattress, and even counter your body shape for a pleasant fit.

Unique Four Layer Design

The first layer build with anti-slip organic cotton to help you provide comfortable sleep without any issue and the 2nd layer is exceptionally breathable and highly absorbent polyester and fiberfill, and the 3rd layer is water-resistant.

Breathable feature TPU layer provides noiseless feature during any movement and the 4th and final layer of the mattress pad is made with highly absorbent and solid bamboo fiber bottom, sty flat, non-slip barrier keeping, and bed and sheets dry as well as protecting full night comfortable and while no allergic reaction.

Menstrual Mattress Period Leak Proof Bed Pad – Breathable, Anti-slip and Comfortable

Comfortable and breathable

Unique four layers technology of organic mattress protector complete use of air smoothly even the leak-proof TPU layer of the protector use microporous breathable materials which are 100 percent water-resistant.

Bamboo fiber and natural cotton surfaces of the organic bed pad provide a cozy feeling you’ll never forget.

This urine and liquid mattress protector can be utilized not just as organic cotton underpads but also as a menstruation mattress pad for ladies, pee for toddlers.

Anti-Slip technology

This mattress under pad’s double side available and never slide – 1 side of this pad is organic cotton is which is super soft, comfortable and breathable.

The other side of the pad is nature, healthy and bamboo fiber.

All the totally toxic-free, breathable, and healthy material, an ideal option for sensitive skin.

Whether back bamboo surface or front cotton surface, assures this cotton urine pad for toddlers, kids stay flay full night.

Machine washable

This pad is made for machine washing and can be utilized many times and keep fine water-resistant and smooth performance which means this organic sheet is a more economical and cost-efficient option than the thin disposable mattress pads.


  • Supernatural build
  • Comfortable, anti-slip and breathable
  • 100% water resistant


  • Little bit noise During movement

Final words

If you are looking for a mattress pad that completes your menstruation and baby leak requirements, you can go with this option.

Super quality and huge comfort at such a competitive price.

Last updated on November 25, 2020 5:39 pm