Waterproofing Your Bed When There are Children Around
Waterproofing Your Bed When

Waterproofing Your Bed: For all parents, this happens at some point in their child-rearing lives.

Baby spits or gets sick all over the bed, toddler wets himself and drenches the bed, or your potty-trained pre-schooler accidentally wets the bed.

These are frustrating and even more so if it happens during the middle of the night.

This is where the art of preparing a crib sheet or a toddler sheet comes in handy.

Bed When There are Children Around

It is not a matter of just plopping extra sheets on top of each other, Waterproofing Your Bed When There are Children Aroundbut with careful consideration of products and materials specially made for such incidents.

Consider These Two Points:


Materials that are to be used for bed protection from wear and tear and making it water-resistant should have some degree of being waterproof.

Ideally, the waterproof mattress protector should have some waterproofing membrane at the back, and besides, it should also be quiet and not crinkle around as your toddler tosses and turns on the bed.

Hypoallergenic Properties

If your child is sensitive to dust, pet dander, and has allergies, then it is of the utmost importance that you immediately install a mattress protector on your bed.

A single mattress protector will not only protect the mattress itself but is actually protecting you from allergens.

When Using A Mattress Cover As A Toddler or Baby Sheet

  1. Layers are good and your friend. The ideal arrangement would be layering two or three sets of mattress protectors plus bedsheets and another set on top of it. This way, for any “accidents” in the middle of the night, all you have to do is pull off the top sheet and the Waterproofing Your Bed When There are Children Aroundmattress cover, and you will reveal the fresh one underneath.
  2. Ensure that your mattress coverage is snug to avoid the mattress cover from moving and slipping out of place as you and your family sleep. A fitted or zippered type mattress cover is the most popular choice for snugness.
  3. Hypoallergenic mattress covers are essential for a household with babies and toddlers. In fact, it is actually essential for any household that values their well-being and health. Having the best mattress protector will prevent dust from getting into your mattress, making it so much cleaner and further prolonging its usability.
  4. Denying dust mites an environment to thrive in by having a regularly cleaned mattress protector will ensure that your bed and bedroom itself are free from allergen and triggers for any allergy attacks. The protector will also make cleaning a breeze, so make sure that the mattress protector you choose is washable and can retain its waterproofing properties even after several washes.
  5. So much easier to clean than the actual mattress, preserving your mattress warranty by preventing stains by preventing spillage from seeping through to the mattress itself.

To Conclude:

A mattress protector is a necessary bedroom accessory for a family that has kids and pets.

Mattresses can quickly become a breeding ground for dust mites, microbes, and allergens.

By purchasing a mattress protector, you prevent this from happening, ensuring that your family sleeps in the cleanest area possible.

If you do not have one yet to pair with your mattress, make sure you get one immediately if you value your family’s health.

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