Modway Aveline 6 Gel Infused Memory Foam Twin Mattress
Modway Aveline 6 Gel Infused Memory Foam Twin Mattress

The Modway Aveline is a memory foam mattress accessible in 10, 8 and 6-inch varieties. This mattress also comes in full, twin, queen and king sizes.

Features Modway Aveline Gel Infused Foam Twin Mattress

Featuring gel-infusion technology, it promises an affordable mattress that will ease your force points and joint pains.

It also promises to make a chill sleeping surface to reduce turning and tossing for a night full of rest.


  • Sleeps cool
  • Has the least motion transfer
  • Balances firmness and relaxation
  • Its prices are a steal
  • The chemical smell dissipates quick


  • Might not last over five years with daily use
  • Has bad edge support
  • Has a slight odor right out of the box

Is this mattress relax?

Comfort in a mattress is subjective.

It depends on your preferences in terms of softness or firmness and your favorite sleeping postures.

The Modway Aveline has a medium-soft feeling that tends to shock a lot of its users.

Most buyers seem to encourage that this mattress is neither too firm nor too soft.

Thus, it makes the best choice for almost all sleeping positions.

Considering its medium-soft density and six-inch thickness, heavy sleepers, mainly those who sleep on their sides, might sink too much.

Modway Aveline 6 Gel Infused Memory Foam Twin Mattress
Modway Aveline 6 Gel Infused Memory Foam Twin Mattress


Admittedly, a mattress is just as best as it supports its sleeper. Your body spends the full day accumulating tension and force. Thus, it is just fair that your bed does not include more force, at least.

This is one of the places that this mattress outshines most of its rivals within its price range. Most people within the advised weight range say that this mattress provides the best support throughout the night.

This is a remarkable way to permit your joints, muscles, and spine to relax and recuperate from the day’s tension.

But bear in mind that this might replace mainly if you are heavier than average and sleep on your side.

Edge support

Similar to other memory foam mattresses, this product suffers quite a huge deal on this front. It is not so awful considering its dense base foam.

While it would not grip a handle innerspring mattress in terms of sufficient edge support, you would not fall off the bed just by sleeping or sitting along the sides.


In my point of view, the Modway Aveline Gel-infused memory foam is a perfect investment if you are looking for value on a budget

The six-inch thick mattress makes the best choice not just for a college dorm but for a guestroom or kid’s bed.

Among other things, we truly encourage its breathability courtesy of the gel-infused layer and cover. This makes it go-to mattress for persons who hate sleeping warm.

It is best motion isolation, on the other hand, promises a night free from your partner’s restlessness. This mattress does not guarantee to last you a decade.

But it does guarantee a sweet sleep and best rest in its 5-7 years of possible lifespan.


Purchase the top-rated twin mattress at the lowest price.

Aveline delivers high-quality memory foam comfort and support at a price you can afford.


Reduce pressure on your head, neck and spine with an open cell memory foam twin mattress.

Aveline helps align your spine and reduce pressure on your hips, lower back, and shoulders.

Independently Tested

The foam inside is CertiPUR-US certified so you can be sure it’s made without formaldehyde, heavy metals, PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (”Tris”) flame retardants, and is low on VOC.


Aveline comes with a gel-infused memory foam top layer that is open cell and ventilated.

Sleep comfortably while reducing sweat and perspiration during hot or humid weather.