Coop Mattress Protector
Coop Mattress Protector

Coop Home Goods was founded by a pair of siblings whose family had been in the textile-producing industry for decades.

After much development and research, the brand released its first-ever pillow in 2013 and has been building its collection of sleep accessories ever since.

Features Coop Mattress Protector

Though Coop Home Goods provides bedding of all types, this review targets on exclusively on the Flip Mattress topper.

The flip topper is produced from memory foam, which provides a slow response to force and deep sink into the material.

Memory foam is famous for its capability to conform to your body shape and relieve force at sensitive areas like hips and shoulders.

Coop Mattress Protector
Coop Mattress Protector


It is remarkable to have a choice between a firm and soft, mainly since sleep habits evolve over time.

For example, side sleepers tend to be more compatible with relaxing support, but if you switch up styles and become a stomach sleeper, there is no need to obtain a new topper – just flip it over.

Free mattress protector

Mattress protectors, in my point of view, are an essential accessory as they keep your bed looking pristine and clean.

And this particular protector comes with a perfect fifteen-year warranty.


Every topper comes with free returns, free shipping, and a trial period of a hundred nights.

Now, you might not need a hundred nights to plan whether it is best to fit for you, but it is perfect to have the time.


Coop home goods mattress protectors are a must-have for those who experience from allergens, like dust mites or pollen – mattress cover block dust mites, allergens, and bacteria from getting into your mattress.

Cools and breathe while you sleep

The Bamboo fabric offers a chilling effect that helps stop overheating or sleeping warm.

The polyester is absorbent and stops accidents from spilling over.

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