Casper Nap Pillow Perfect for Travel
Casper Nap Pillow Perfect for Travel

Casper is famous for its comfortable mattresses.

But if you want to get the best night’s sleep while traveling, even if you would not be anywhere close to a bed, a compact, packable pillow is a must-have.

Luckily, the brand makes its extremely own travel pillow.

Features Casper Nap Pillow

The Nap Pillow from Casper is an easy yet ultra-relax travel pillow that can be perfectly packed in an accompanying bag for simple storage.

While there are many different travel pillows on the market, this pillow is essentially just a miniature edition of the traditional Casper pillow.

It specs the same technology as the actual Casper pillow, which contains evenly distributed down-substitute fill, densely packed microfibers for a plush feel, and a hundred percent breathable cotton weave shell.

Casper Nap Pillow Perfect for Travel
Casper Nap Pillow Perfect for Travel

Thanks to its drawstring travel bag, in addition to being supportive and relaxed, the pillow is packable.

It is also simple to clean since it comes with a washable pillowcase in just the best size.

Key Features

  • A hundred percent cotton plain weave shell permits air to flow via to help you sleep chill.
  • Silk-like, densely packed microfibers offer the optimal plush feel for supportive, squishy comfort.
  • Does love sleep? Mini pillow lets you take Casper to relax with you and sleep wherever you pick
  • Best for all mattress sizes, occasions, and setting
  • Accompanied pillowcase and drawstring bag makes this the best travel pillow
Casper Nap Pillow Perfect for Travel
Casper Nap Pillow Perfect for Travel

Big warranty

The pillow also comes with a 3-year warranty, and it is made with microfibers and has a 280-thread count pillowcase.

Livestrong reports that neck and back pain after a flight is universally general, with ninety percent of visitors feeling pained after a flight.

Because most people experience some distress after deplaning, taking steps like stretching your limbs and locating a pillow behind your more excellent back can help you reject pointless soreness.


The pillow measures 10.25 x 15 inches, which is pretty more significant than a 15-inch MacBook pro. For similarity, a standard pad is 18 x 26 inches.

It seems too accurate, but Casper says it is the best to balance support and squish and a short version of our natural, prize-winning pillow.

If you want to nap in public, this is powerful without making the people around you stare.

The Ostrich pillow is perfect for people who enjoy making a spectacle of themselves.

Still, if you favor fading into the background, the Casper Nap pillow will almost definitely replace your nap game.

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