Simmons Mattress Models
Simmons Mattress Models

The patented pocketed coil design that is normal on all Beautyrest Simmons mattresses makes sure you will get a relaxed and supportive mattress no issue which model you pick.

Simmons Mattress Models

Whether you are new to the Beautyrest brand or looking to change a well-loved Beautyrest mattress, keep reading for more detail about the best five Beautyrest mattress selections.

Simmons Mattress Models
Simmons Mattress Models

Beautyrest Silver Hybrid

The Beautyrest silver hybrid collection is made with the new advancements in memory foam, Pocketed coil technology, and sleep climate control.

Layers of contouring foam come to combine with coils to offer the best amount of plush force relief and strong support.

Instead of just a layer of DualCool fibers, this mattress specs a layer of DualCool memory foam infused with natural silver to support whisk away heat and stifle the growth of mold, bacteria, and mildew.

Beautyrest Silver

The Beautyrest silver mattress specs relax designs paired with intuitive technologies, so you can wake up every morning refreshed and ready to go.

Beautyrest Silver’s latest temperature and management creation is the DualCool technology fiber.

Improved with silver, this fiber is designed to move moisture and heat away from the mattress surface to help manage your sleeping temperature.

Beautyrest Platinum

Your sleep needs are special and that is why Simmons developed the Beautyrest Platinum. These mattresses are built with blending art, balance in mind, and science for a more fulfilling sleep.

Pocketed coil technology offers to relax support, while a chilling memory foam promotes a chill sleep climate.

Beautyrest Platinum Hybrid

The Beautyrest platinum hybrid specs the best marriage of pocketed coil technology and pocketed memory foam to offer the best amount of support and force relief.

With multiple types of chilling memory foam, this mattress also contains temperature regulation for an included comfort.

The Beautyrest hybrid brings combine elements of support, cooling, and pressure technology into one plan.

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