Purple Queen Mattress – Exceptionally quiet
Purple Queen Mattress – Exceptionally quiet

Purple Queen Mattress was designed to promote uninterrupted sleep by maintaining your body in correct alignment, letting the proper spine support as well as shoulder and hip comfort to sleep through the night.

Their unique made memory foam mattress aims to combine the finest of both worlds: a firm mattress with comfy support.

Purple Queen Mattress – Exceptionally quiet
Purple Queen Mattress – Exceptionally quiet

Construction Purple Queen Mattress

The top two-layer is made of purple’s part. Purple Queen Mattress topper, which is their parented hyper-elastic polymer model. It feels different and provides comfort like a silicone-based foam.

Next comes a 3.5” polyurethane foam layer with a full density of 1.8 pounds, which acts as a transition layer and also adds to the support.

Lastly, you’ll find a tick surface made of polyurethane foam with two-pound density.

Comfort level

The Mattress has a unique feel that’s the same as the silicon/gel-based memory foam, the mattress is comfortable and soft but might feel odds to some sleepers, and overall, the bed provides balanced support as well as solid pressure relief and has a mid-firm feel.


The Purple Queen Mattress has only been on the marketplace for a few years, so there’s no data bout its long lifespan.

Though early reports from Purple Mattress buyers are promising and the design of the hyper-elastic polymer points toward the stuff that’ll stand up well to several years of nightly use.

Dense foam in the supporting areas contributes to durability as well.

For these reasons, we expect the Mattress to have an average lifespan of at least 7-8 years that’s comparable to most all memory foam beds.

Motion Isolation

The Purple Queen Mattress has above-average motion isolation because of the feature that the Mattress compresses where weight is actually applied.

The Hyper-Elastic Polymer Feature that forms the Purple Grid to fit the body without shifting massive motion to other parts of the bed.


  • Brilliant temperature regulation
  • Minimal motion transfer
  • More bounce than most foam mattresses
  • Exceptionally quiet


  • Poor edge support
  • Only one firmness option

Final words Purple Queen Mattress

If you are ready to try a bed mattress with specialty material and some unique feel, the Purple Queen Mattress is a worthy option for you to consider.

Its comfortable system – the Purple Grid designed with proprietary hyper Elastic polymer – provides a fee and performance that stands out for virtually any other bed mattress available on the market.

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