Olee Sleep Gel Mattress
Olee Sleep Gel Mattress

Olee Spee is another little brand joining the battle in the low-end sleep-gel mattress market in 2015.

The price of their mattresses is lower than the most competition you find through the internet.

Features Olee Sleep Gel Mattress

For people who are searching for an economic mattress, Olee Sleep is providing affordable choices.

Like other affordable memory foam mattress brand, their mattresses are imported from China instead of being made in America.

All Olee Sleep models are included in the market in the initial quarter of 2016.

Multi-layers design bad or good

Olee Sleep memory foam mattress is multiple-layers produced and even six-inch ventilation model gathers 3 layers including memory foam, support foam, and duraflex foam.

Thicker models have more than 3 layers. The benefit of a multi-layer mattress is that it accommodates not just one sleep position but applies to all sleeping positions.

That means no issue you sleep on your side, back, stomach, or change posture at night.

Multiple layers are generally used on models thicker than twelve inches by many other brands.

Multiple layer design better comfort but has a bad effect on durability on thin mattresses because the support foam is not thick enough to offer firm support for extended periods of time.

Amazing customer service

Obviously, Olee Sleep completely understands what is vital in the business.

Their customer service is supportive and quick responding.

A few customers who have return experience report Olee Sleep customer service processed extremely fast without questions and hassles.

They are providing a hundred nights free trial for all mattresses so you can return their mattresses for any reason in a hundred days.

Really Cheap Price

Olee Spee is one of the affordable mattress brands online.

The ten-inch gel memory foam costs the same as a name brand crib mattress, less than $180.

All Olee Sleep mattresses are truly affordable of cheapest and competitive matched to huge brands.

Olee Sleep Signature 8 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Full
in stock
2 new from $226.40
Olee Sleep 10 in Omega Hybrid Spring Mattress Full 10SM02F
in stock
2 new from $460.71
Olee Sleep 10 Inch Grey I Gel Layer Top Memory Foam Mattress
in stock
5 new from $287.00
Olee Sleep Bed Mattress Conventional, Queen, White/Grey
in stock
8 new from $268.12
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