FBSPORT Memory Foam Floor Mattress with Pillow Camping Travel Roll-Up Guest Bed Sleeping Pad with Removable Waterproof
FBSPORT Memory Foam Floor Mattress with Pillow Camping Travel Roll-Up Guest Bed Sleeping Pad

If you wake up tired every morning or feeling pain in every joint of your body or you are not fresh because you don’t have asleep, your body requires top work ideally. But now, not anymore! With this sleep mattress that is made up of high-quality memory foam and high-density, the thick foam will provide you with the constant support and the comfort that is required by your body to have the peaceful and healthy sleep. While lying down on this mattress, you will feel like you are sleeping in heaven.

An addition to a comfortable sleep at home, if you are very fond of camping and outdoor sleepover but avoid to have this fun. Because you miss the rest you had in your home when you are lying outside your home then no worries, this mattress is elementary to carry; you can take it anywhere you want with ease. So, now enjoy every moment of your outdoor sleepovers with FB SPORT memory foam floor mattress.

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Product’s Dimension:

  1. Small Single: 72″ x 24″x 2.3″
  2. Single: 75″ x 30″x 3″
  3. Twin: 75″ x 38″x 3″

Weight: 1.16 pounds

Assembled Height: 3 inches

Key Features:

Comfortable Sleeping Bed:

This floor mattress has different sizes, and these different sizes have 1-inch memory foam plus 2-inch support foam. This high-density foam has very high elasticity that ensures continuous support to your body. This memory floor mattress adds up the sense of wrap and brings relaxation and comfort to your body. Now no more back and neck pain is waiting for you neither the annoying rocky terrain discomfort nor the leaking problem. Say goodbye to all this ache with this super cool floor mattress.

Portable and Multifunction:

This mattress is equipped with a strap that offers you easy storage. Although these straps are not removable, still they are very much useful while storing this camp mattress. Plus, the ready to sleep bed can be roll-up, for your convenience and comes with a travelling bag that is entirely free for you. With the help of this bag, carrying this camp mattress anywhere is super easy and handy. This is perfect for any outdoor activity like camping, hiking, wild and many more like this.


As we told you all earlier that we are going to review the products that are found to be the best products of 2019 and we have chosen them after lots of research and feature analysis. This product is also a beautiful pic to be reviewed as it is made up of ergonomically technology and helps you in getting perfect sleep.

Mattress pad reduces pressure points, help you in getting better sleep.

It has a waterproof cover

Very easy to clean

Best for camping

Not preferable for more than 120 pounds

It will not work fine for yoga.


Comfortable floor matters that have made using technology ergonomically are portable and have a free travelling bag with it just for your convenience. The pillows are removable so that if you have some pillow for you, can be used easily.